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Hot Hot Hot! Inflammation in your mouth

Hot Hot Hot! Inflammation in your mouth

Hot, hot, hot!!!

It’s Valentines Day so of course we are talking about things that make your blood pump.

Hot summer days, hot Thai food, or hot teeth. Probably not where everyone’s mind goes… but I’m a dentist.

After thinking about our last post with inflammation it brought me here to the land of pain, swelling, and infected inflamed teeth.

How does it happen? Trauma sometimes but mainly neglect. Thinking I’ll handle a small problem later only turns into a big hot infected tooth. Please don’t add heat to an already hot situation… swelling will just multiply. No worries I won’t break into the song from Grease the musical…. I’ll let you ponder on it for the rest of the day.

Are you lost with over information and what to do? Call a professional! Do not… I repeat… do not diagnosis yourself on WebMd. It will definitely be terminal and the worst case anyone has seen.
Back in the real world (not on MTV) options for dealing with a hot tooth can be discussed and move us forward toward the right decision for you.

The good news is you called, we got you in, we sat down and talked about all options for treatment and pros/cons. Your are in the drivers seat. Contact us today!

Preventing and Screening for Oral Cancer

Preventing and Screening for Oral Cancer

Slightly more than half the 48,250 Americans diagnosed with oral cancer or pharyngeal cancer this year will not survive past their five-year mark diagnosis anniversary. This grim statistic “has not significantly improved in decades,” and diagnosis rates continue to rise – particularly in younger populations. Let’s take a look at how your dentist can be a strategic ally in protecting you against this relatively unfamiliar form of cancer.

Oral Cancer Prevention

Understanding oral cancer’s associated risk factors is the most important step to avoiding the disease. You’re likely all too familiar with each of them:

  • Tobacco: Whether you’re smoking it, dipping it, or chewing it, tobacco is harmful to the delicate tissues within the oral cavity. Quitting now, as opposed to never quitting, is perhaps more beneficial than you may believe – decreasing oral cancer risk by about 50% after 3-5 years of abstinence from smoking.
  • Alcohol: It’s difficult to assess the impact alcohol has on one’s risk of oral cancer because it’s greatest threat is seen when smoking and alcohol consumption are combined. In fact, “heavy” smokers who also drink “heavily” are experiencing an even greater level of risk as the two work synergistically, doing more harm together than they do separately.
  • Sun Exposure: Broad-spectrum sunscreens and sunblocks should be used when outdoors – particularly during prolonged intervals. Ask your dermatologist for their recommendation as to which product is best for you.

Oral Cancer Screening

Screening for disease is a complicated adventure. False positives, and false negatives are a possibility, as are over or under diagnoses. It’s worth noting this is a concern with any sort of screening, and not just oral cancer screening. Mammograms, and PSA tests for prostate cancer carry the same complications, for example.

It’s for this reason the American Cancer Society and other international cancer bodies avoid stating that screening increases survival rates. That said, the Oral Cancer Foundation believes increased awareness and meaningful screening will show its effectiveness over time.

The simplest screening test is conducted each time you visit your dentist when they peer into your mouth. There’s a lot that can be seen in that “room” that houses your teeth and tongue. Next time you’re in for a visit to your Franklin TN dentist, ask them how things look!

Hydration. What does it mean to us?

Hydration. What does it mean to us?

Hydration… What does it mean to us?

It should mean the world… I have spent the past 24 hours with some truly caring professionals at Williamson Medical ER and hospital because of my lack of hydration. I would love to know more about each and every person I interacted with while I was there, and it made me remember how much I love that time I can spend with my own patients.

What happened you might ask…?
A rather large Kidney Stone. It was truly a reminder of this blog and everything we are trying to promote: total body wellness and health. When life catches up…you forget how important rest, fluids, and hygiene are until life throws you a modification curve.

So… some thoughts from the Doctor: Learn from Me.

Stay hydrated. Remember, dry mouth is a huge factor in where cavities come from, not to mention oral lesions that present with sloughing tissue, and of course periodontal disease with its nasty infection that begs for a healthy moist environment to heal.

Here is a tip from a friend during my stay: Want to stay hydrated? Use a straw in your insulated Yeti cup… most people will drink more through a straw than without.

How much should you drink per day? Start with a goal of 2 liters. Trick… measure it into an empty gallon container and mark your goals to hit throughout the day. Put into that beautiful Yeti cup and enjoy… ice cold water all day 😀

January seems to get a bum rap

January seems to get a bum rap

January seems to get a bum rap . It starts out with the most amazing party and reminiscent review of the last year. It also brings to mind the proposal for an improved you for the next 365 days. So with the fireworks and stars shining brightly, we find, many times, by the middle of January snow days have taken us over. We got lazy, distracted, motivated more to warm the couch than anything that was on our list. If we don’t turn it around, by the end of January it will just be another year’s failed resolutions…

So, lets change it! The snow has finally melted and it’s no longer 4 degrees outside. Lets find a way to get started or pick up that list. For me, it was tackling the smaller things on my list. Increase daily flossing, eating more nutritious foods, staying on schedule with my doctor appointments, and strategizing about better sleep habits. As I conquer these, I can continue to add to my list. Most of my list so far sounds like a general health improvement list… but all of it ties into dentistry and our whole body approach at Taylor Made Smiles. The mouth is a great place to get started with whole body health and a way for us to help fight off inflammation overall in the body. Just this past August, University of Buffalo conducted a survey with 60,000 older women to prove the link between periodontal disease and cancer, especially breast cancer. And just last week 2 other studies made an association between gum disease and lung, colorectal, and pancreatic cancers. We haven’t even dipped into the mercury amalgam fillings many people still possess.

So, lets go back to those gorgeous winter nights and thank the stars that give us something to shoot for. This beautiful body we have been given to take care of needs goals, needs boundaries, and needs motivation. Taylor Made Smiles is here to provide that. We want the best for you, and so does your support team.

Fountain of Youth

Fountain of Youth

Who hasn’t dreamed of drinking from Ponce de Leon’s Fountain of Youth? Well I thought I had with the sweet tea at Cool Cafe…. But alas, while delicious, it was not making me any younger.

So while making resolutions for 2018, I was excited at the revelations that came instead.

We all want to smile one more smile, laugh one more time, tell one more goodnight story, and if you are Tim McGraw…. ride a bull named Fumanchu. Check that bucket list while we can, and live. We want the best, most fulfilling healthy life we can. I am thankful for the life I’ve been gifted. The body is for me to keep up and I see now it takes work. I mentioned work. That’s right, nothing worth having is free!

A journey to Wellness can include everything from keeping yourself on track with scheduled Doctor And Dental visits, incorporating a reduced sugar diet, increasing exercise, and reducing stress. Many people try to start the year off with lots of goals and get overwhelmed quickly. I know this is the norm at our house.

This year, the difference… I hope… is planning and asking for support from others around us.

Every good flight needs a pilot check list (Daddy taught me this one my first year out of dental school). 😀

So, here we go!

    1. Have a plan of action.
    2. Decide who to include for support.
    3. Educate yourself on how and when to accomplish your goals.
    4. Here’s the hard part…. START 🎉✋🏻🤛🏻👍.

We are proud of you for getting this far!!!!!

As the year goes on, I plan to give my help and two cents (medically and personally) to cheer on those around me and keep myself and my family on track. We can call it “Dr. Missy’s Deep Thoughts” 😜

Here’s to a great 2018!!!

5 Tips for Healthy Weight Week!

5 Tips for Healthy Weight Week!

If your kids are concerned about their weight and are looking to you for guidance, you’re in the right place!

In honor of Healthy Weight Week, we’ve got some tips anyone can do to ensure their efforts pay off – the healthy way.

Make friends with the scale

There’s a wide chasm of opinion between those who support using a scale, and those who do not.

Many physicians say it’s a smart way to monitor the effect our eating habits have on our weight. Meanwhile, weight loss consultants and those who study body image would rather you toss it in the trash, or use it for anaerobic exercise.

The correct answer seems to lie in the middle.

Here’s the approach: use your scale, but don’t let it rule your or your kids’ lives. Teach your children that the scale is there to help measure where they’ve come from, and where they’re headed — not measure who they are as individuals.

Always remember: you are not the number on the scale.

Don’t neglect your muscles

A healthy weight is best maintained when the muscles that support our body are strong. Therefore, any training that helps your children tone their muscles should be considered a plus.

Recognize achievements in real time

The difficulty maintaining a healthy weight often has to do with improper goal setting. Long-term goals are difficult for humans to keep in focus beyond a short period of time.

Failure, then, is almost predictable.

However, by creating goals that help us focus on the immediate successes we achieve through a healthy living plan, we allow ourselves to be present in our own lives. The same is true for your kids!

It’s impossible to discount the feeling you’ll get when you’ve got a bag of groceries in each arm, and are aware of your muscles working to carry them. Or when you feel yourself more deftly move in and out of your car after a particularly good week of healthy eating.

These are real, immediate, and measurable experiences <> . Experiences that when added up and remembered each day are the key to keeping your body healthy.

Know your brain

Your brain lies to you.

It tells you you’re hungry when you’re tired. And, it tells you you’re tired when you’ve still got an extra mile in you.

Don’t allow it to trick you.

Learn more about your brain, and how to corral its tomfoolery on the FitWoman website. Which, by the way, has a lot of actionable healthy weight resources for women AND men!

Asian soup bowls to the rescue!

Speaking of our brains, how about we play a trick on it?

It’s no surprise, that the larger the plate, the more we put on it. And the more we put on the plate, the more we eat.

So, here’s a trick you can take to the bank.

Pick up a few Asian soup bowls … not the giant ones used for pho, but more the Japanese miso soup variety … the small ones. If you struggle with portion control, try using these smaller bowls during mealtimes.

It’ll slow you down, and allow your brain to start seeing them as the preferred portion size. It’ll help you manage servings more appropriately, and over time, you’ll get used to the new way of eating.

For more information on whole body health, contact Taylor Made Smiles, top dentist in downtown Franklin TN, and top dentist near Brentwood TN !

Stress and Your Teeth

Stress and Your Teeth

Stress wreaks havoc on our teeth. All that pressure and grinding wears down not only the surface, but the bone and connective tissue too. This leads to the loss of teeth, and some pretty unsightly cosmetic concerns when the grinding occurs in the front of the mouth.

This month, we’d like to fill you in on the reasons scientists believe we grind our teeth, and what you can do to protect your chompers from wearing away to nothing-ville.

Trust us, your face and jaw will thank you for acquiring this knowledge!

Why We Grind Our Teeth

It would be nice if there was a single reason for teeth grinding (bruxism, as it’s officially known), but researchers, physicians generally agree there are multiple causes – often within a single patient.


In order to live a healthy life, we need to reduce the level of stress in our lives. While science isn’t exactly clear as to why daytime stress causes one to brux at night, daytime bruxing often occurs as a person anticipates and experiences stress.

Some researchers believe the stress causing us to clench and grind at night is actually due to the body’s response to the blocking of our airway.

Certain Medications and Foodstuffs

There is conflicting research regarding whether or not prescription medication can contribute to nighttime bruxism.

However, overuse of caffeine, and products containing stimulants (like tea and chocolate) have been shown to interfere with sleep and prompt bruxism. Alcohol is another common trigger.


Yet another thing to blame on our parents!

Turns out, our genes may make us predisposed to bruxism. Thanks, mom and dad!

How about Bite?

At one time it was believed the main reason for bruxism was a bite that didn’t fit together well.

As science has advanced, however, the majority of doctors believe it to be of minimal consequence – particularly given that even people without any teeth at all can still be bruxers!

Protecting Against Bruxism

So, how do we lessen the damage bruxism can do to our mouths?

Consult with a Loved One

First, find out if you’re a nighttime bruxer. Often the only way we know outside of a visit to the dentist is if we ask our partner sleeping next to us!

As them if they hear your teeth gnashing at night? Do they ever hear you snoring, or wake up suddenly gasping for air?

Reduce Stress

No matter what, reducing stress is always a good thing, and there are countless ways to do go about it –some as simple as chewing gum.

Consider a nighttime appliance

If you’re a bruxer, speak with your dentist about corrective options that may be available to you.

There are mouthguards and splints that can help you from grinding, and when worn according to a doctor’s prescription, can also help reduce headache and jaw tension.

Believe it or not, bruxism can cause serious cosmetic and structural damage to your teeth, and bone. Finding out whether you’re harboring a bad clenching and grinding habit is important, and finding a solution to it, even more so.

For more information, contact Dr. Taylor Burton, downtown Franklin TN family dentist!

Giving to St.Jude Memphis!

Giving to St.Jude Memphis!

We are going to be “Smiling Forward” on 12/12/17!!

10% of all services will be given to St. Jude Hospital in Memphis!
We will fill the appointments on a first come first serve basis, call and schedule today. 615-595-8585

No Shave November Giveaways! And something for the ladies too!

No Shave November Giveaways! And something for the ladies too!

To Celebrate November aka “No Shave November,” Taylor Made Smiles is giving away the “Beyond the Shave” kit from Rodan and Fields. This system softens facial hairs for less razor irritation and a smoother shave. Then protects and moisturizes using power-packed peptides and SPF30. Get holiday ready and be sure to send us your before and after shots!!

But we couldn’t leave out the ladies! We are also giving away a kit that includes rejuvenating lip serum and multi-functional eye cream with a beautiful silver wristlet to wear for the holidays! Get ahead of the cold weather harshness by keeping your lips silky smooth while helping to reduce wrinkles around eyes.

Sign up for these awesome giveaways when you come in this month for your appointment.

Holiday Tasty & Healthy Recipe Guide

Holiday Tasty & Healthy Recipe Guide

It’s that time of year again. Pumpkin pie, oatmeal cookies, derby pie, Apple Pie, PUMPKIN BREAD! – you can almost taste them now, right!?  … okay, sorry.  We probably just made you very hungry, didn’t we?

Here’s how we’ll make it up to you: by sharing four great websites chock-full of delectably-sweet, moist, and tempting recipes you can look forward to making.

Each uses only natural sugar substitutes (or no sugar at all), and are designed keep your palate pleased, and your dentist smiling. So, fire up your oven, and let the baking begin!

The Best Advice Always Comes From Mom

After Brenda Bennett’s children were diagnosed with food allergies, and her own intolerance for dairy and gluten became more unruly with each passing year, this mother of three decided to take a radically different approach to home baking.

It must be paying off, considering she’s the de-facto voice in sugar-free cooking online. Check out the bounty at: <

Sweet & Skinny

Marisa Churchill knows a thing or two about healthy cooking. The classically trained “Top Chef” and Food Network star has been cooking since she was old enough to reach the stove.
Her eponymously named website will also keep you busy with ideas for fall. You can visit Marisa at <>

Oh, Pinterest, How We Love Thee

There’s hardly be a more tempting site to visit when you’re hungry than Pinterest.
Rows and rows of every imaginable type of food – properly plated and photographed by the best food stylists on earth. It all looks so good.
So why not actually cook some of it? We’ve got a collection of recipes that’ll whet your appetite right this moment: have a look <> !


A health site with enough chutzpah to borrow its name from Muhammad Ali must have a few good recipes for baking without sugar, right?
They do.
Thirty, in fact.
Check out their wonderful list of “30 Sugar Substitutes for Any and Every Possible Situation,” <>  and thank us later. There are some real gems in there!

We hope you enjoy the recipes!

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