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Stress and Your Teeth

Stress and Your Teeth

Stress wreaks havoc on our teeth. All that pressure and grinding wears down not only the surface, but the bone and connective tissue too. This leads to the loss of teeth, and some pretty unsightly cosmetic concerns when the grinding occurs in the front of the mouth.

This month, we’d like to fill you in on the reasons scientists believe we grind our teeth, and what you can do to protect your chompers from wearing away to nothing-ville.

Trust us, your face and jaw will thank you for acquiring this knowledge!

Why We Grind Our Teeth

It would be nice if there was a single reason for teeth grinding (bruxism, as it’s officially known), but researchers, physicians generally agree there are multiple causes – often within a single patient.


In order to live a healthy life, we need to reduce the level of stress in our lives. While science isn’t exactly clear as to why daytime stress causes one to brux at night, daytime bruxing often occurs as a person anticipates and experiences stress.

Some researchers believe the stress causing us to clench and grind at night is actually due to the body’s response to the blocking of our airway.

Certain Medications and Foodstuffs

There is conflicting research regarding whether or not prescription medication can contribute to nighttime bruxism.

However, overuse of caffeine, and products containing stimulants (like tea and chocolate) have been shown to interfere with sleep and prompt bruxism. Alcohol is another common trigger.


Yet another thing to blame on our parents!

Turns out, our genes may make us predisposed to bruxism. Thanks, mom and dad!

How about Bite?

At one time it was believed the main reason for bruxism was a bite that didn’t fit together well.

As science has advanced, however, the majority of doctors believe it to be of minimal consequence – particularly given that even people without any teeth at all can still be bruxers!

Protecting Against Bruxism

So, how do we lessen the damage bruxism can do to our mouths?

Consult with a Loved One

First, find out if you’re a nighttime bruxer. Often the only way we know outside of a visit to the dentist is if we ask our partner sleeping next to us!

As them if they hear your teeth gnashing at night? Do they ever hear you snoring, or wake up suddenly gasping for air?

Reduce Stress

No matter what, reducing stress is always a good thing, and there are countless ways to do go about it –some as simple as chewing gum.

Consider a nighttime appliance

If you’re a bruxer, speak with your dentist about corrective options that may be available to you.

There are mouthguards and splints that can help you from grinding, and when worn according to a doctor’s prescription, can also help reduce headache and jaw tension.

Believe it or not, bruxism can cause serious cosmetic and structural damage to your teeth, and bone. Finding out whether you’re harboring a bad clenching and grinding habit is important, and finding a solution to it, even more so.

For more information, contact Dr. Taylor Burton, downtown Franklin TN family dentist!

Giving to St.Jude Memphis!

Giving to St.Jude Memphis!

We are going to be “Smiling Forward” on 12/12/17!!

10% of all services will be given to St. Jude Hospital in Memphis!
We will fill the appointments on a first come first serve basis, call and schedule today. 615-595-8585

No Shave November Giveaways! And something for the ladies too!

No Shave November Giveaways! And something for the ladies too!

To Celebrate November aka “No Shave November,” Taylor Made Smiles is giving away the “Beyond the Shave” kit from Rodan and Fields. This system softens facial hairs for less razor irritation and a smoother shave. Then protects and moisturizes using power-packed peptides and SPF30. Get holiday ready and be sure to send us your before and after shots!!

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Holiday Tasty & Healthy Recipe Guide

Holiday Tasty & Healthy Recipe Guide

It’s that time of year again. Pumpkin pie, oatmeal cookies, derby pie, Apple Pie, PUMPKIN BREAD! – you can almost taste them now, right!?  … okay, sorry.  We probably just made you very hungry, didn’t we?

Here’s how we’ll make it up to you: by sharing four great websites chock-full of delectably-sweet, moist, and tempting recipes you can look forward to making.

Each uses only natural sugar substitutes (or no sugar at all), and are designed keep your palate pleased, and your dentist smiling. So, fire up your oven, and let the baking begin!

The Best Advice Always Comes From Mom

After Brenda Bennett’s children were diagnosed with food allergies, and her own intolerance for dairy and gluten became more unruly with each passing year, this mother of three decided to take a radically different approach to home baking.

It must be paying off, considering she’s the de-facto voice in sugar-free cooking online. Check out the bounty at: <

Sweet & Skinny

Marisa Churchill knows a thing or two about healthy cooking. The classically trained “Top Chef” and Food Network star has been cooking since she was old enough to reach the stove.
Her eponymously named website will also keep you busy with ideas for fall. You can visit Marisa at <>

Oh, Pinterest, How We Love Thee

There’s hardly be a more tempting site to visit when you’re hungry than Pinterest.
Rows and rows of every imaginable type of food – properly plated and photographed by the best food stylists on earth. It all looks so good.
So why not actually cook some of it? We’ve got a collection of recipes that’ll whet your appetite right this moment: have a look <> !


A health site with enough chutzpah to borrow its name from Muhammad Ali must have a few good recipes for baking without sugar, right?
They do.
Thirty, in fact.
Check out their wonderful list of “30 Sugar Substitutes for Any and Every Possible Situation,” <>  and thank us later. There are some real gems in there!

We hope you enjoy the recipes!

Tooth Friendly Halloween Treats

Tooth Friendly Halloween Treats

The joke every Halloween is that your friendly neighborhood dentist hands out either toothbrushes, floss, or referral cards, right? Well, there’s a way to still have fun on Halloween without going too deep into sugar overload, and we’re here to help!

We’ve got a list of Halloween treats you can pass out to trick-or-treaters that are teeth-friendly while still being fun. No toothbrushes allowed!

Before we get to the list of dental-friendly treats, let’s look at some that you may want to avoid. The following items tend to interact with your pearly whites for longer periods of time – leaving them vulnerable to decay.

Halloween Treats That’ll Drive your Dentist Batty

  1. Lollipops – A lolly pressed against your teeth for all that time is a recipe for cavities.
  2. Bubble gum – If you must, go with sugar-free (but see our note below!)
  3. Caramel – You might as well have a lump of sugar plastered to your tooth!
  4. Gummy candy (especially the sour ones) – The acid in these wears down your enamel.

Fear not, though! Here are some teeth-friendly treats that are kind to your teeth.

Great Alternatives for the Candy Bowl

  1. Chocolate – Chocolate-lovers rejoice! Chocolate tends to rinse more quickly off teeth than the sticky/gummy stuff. Plus, dark chocolate has antioxidants and fiber!
  2. Individually-wrapped snacks – Think crackers, pretzels, even pureed fruit pouches. You can usually find these in bulk. If you don’t get too many trick-or-treaters this year, at least you’ll have some snacks stocked up!
  3. Gums, candies, and lollipops made with sugar-alternatives (not artificial sweeteners) – Glee Gum, treats made with stevia, and Zollipops are just a few we found.
  4. Mini bottles of water – Trick-or-treaters and their parents will thank you for providing hydration for their adventures!
  5. Dollar store trinkets (not quite edible but still a treat!) – Spooky spider rings, mini Slinkies, bouncy balls. Kids will get excited when they take a “prize” that stands out from all the other trick-or-treat swag.

There you have it: An easy way to make this Halloween a little less cavity-inducing. Enjoy!

New Summer Hours!

Taylor Made Smiles is excited to announce that we are going to have Summer Hours available to you!

We have added times to allow for appointments before work and even through lunch!

Our hopes are that we can keep you moving through your busy day! Call us today and we can find the best time for your appointment!

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February is National Children’s Dental Health Month!

February is National Children’s Dental Health Month! Don’t forget to get them involved in your new health routine as well. By their second birthday they should see a dental professional for a healthy check-up and introduction to good oral hygiene. Help them make nutritious snack and drink choices over sugary ones. Establishing good habits now will make for better experiences in the future!

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Times they are a changing…

We can hardly believe it but it has been 10 years since Dr. Missy has been practicing at Taylor Made Smiles and we could not be more excited!!! We are redecorating the front office area and will be running some 10 year anniversary specials in the month of June! Stay Tuned!

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