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We help you achieve the smile you have always dreamed of.

Downtown Franklin TN Dentist
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A beautiful healthy smile creates a lasting impression and makes you feel great inside and out.

At Taylor Made Smiles there are many ways we can help you achieve the smile you have always dreamed.

Franklin, TN Family Dentist

Just around the corner from Franklin’s downtown square, you’ll find Taylor Made Smiles. Step inside, and you’ll quickly see that we’ve completely changed the way dental services are delivered.

Located in a lovingly restored home originally built in 1903, our front office welcomes you with the beauty, warmth and hospitality of an elegant family residence. A graciously furnished waiting room with a nearby children’s area immediately makes patients of all ages feel like cherished guests.

Our modern treatment area is complete with today’s most advanced dental technology and equipment. We take great care to ensure your comfort. Our special spa-like touches soothe away any anxiety and pamper your senses, while our state-of-the-art treatments minimize discomfort and reduce recovery time.

Taylor Made Smiles’ patients look forward to their dental visits with confidence and anticipation, which is why well over a dozen of our patients continue to travel to our practice from countries as far away as Brazil, France and even Singapore. Indeed, we are passionate about providing the most pleasant, comfortable experience possible for all our patients, while giving them fabulous smiles that change their lives.

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All of our patients have unique dental circumstances and personal preferences, so we carefully evaluate each particular need and create a customized treatment program.

Before starting any treatment, we conduct an exam and take current dental images (digital X-rays) to screen for active decay, leaking silver fillings, periodontal disease and oral cancer.

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At Taylor Made Smiles, we provide all patients with treatment that is not only comprehensive but also confidential.

We provide a separate area to discuss treatment plans, insurance options and financial arrangements.

Parking is in the rear of the building, so there is no need to leave through the front after treatments.

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Our patients are our number-one priority, and we will try to accommodate your
hectic schedule.

Please call our office, and we will find a time that best fits your schedule.
Phone – 615.595.8585
Fax – 615.595.0696


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“Taylor Made Smiles and Dr. Missy are the best! I used to hate to make a dentist appointment but I do not worry with Taylor Made Smiles because they are so accommodating and very aware of our needs as patients. They follow up with you after your procedures to make sure you are comfortable and that your needs are met. My husband has to have cleanings that normally require a specialist, but he is able to do that at Taylor Made Smiles...I would not recommend anyone else by Dr. Missy and her staff!”


“Our five families of three generations have had positive experiences with Taylor Made Smiles for several years now. I want to especially mention the great 'bedside manner' that Dr. Missy has with my 89-year-old mother! We have been working with fewer and fewer teeth, having to make and refit partials, and working around other physical limitations. Thank you!”


“My experience with Dr.Missy and her staff has been first-rate. My hygienist, Gigi, is caring and careful with a very sensitive set of 60-year-old teeth. The atmosphere is homey yet totally professional. Highly recommended.”


“Like most people, I was pretty nervous about going to the dentist for the first time in a few years (shame on me, I know!). As soon as I entered the beautiful office I felt so welcomed! I was greeted with bottled water and even received a paraffin wax treatment on my hands while I waited! What a treat! Gigi was so friendly and assured me no matter the imperfections going on inside my mouth, my smile was still beautiful! Dr. Missy was very prompt, friendly, and extremely encouraging (even with less than perfect news to share with me). I finally feel confident that the perfect people are taking care of my mouth!! Thanks so much for an incredible experience. I would recommend this office to anyone and EVERYONE! Two HUGE thumbs up!!”


“I have long been a patient of Dr. Missy and after recently having to have a tooth extracted, I am still amazed at what a wonderful team of people she has assembled and the high level of patient care that is consistently evident. I have such confidence in her work and when I know I have to go in for an appointment, I do not feel the anxiety that I had in previous years with other dentists. I highly recommend Dr. Missy and her staff if you are looking for a dentist with years of experience, great patient care and an extremely comfortable environment.”


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