Dental Plan

Partnered with Option1 Dental Plans

Family Dental Savings Plan

Taylor Made Smiles, has partnered with Option1 Dental Plans, to provide you with even better options should you find yourself without traditional dental insurance.

Below you will find the details for our Family Dental Savings Plan:

Example of Discounts

DescriptionNational Dental
Advisory Service*
D0120Existing Patient Exam$60$3050%
D0140Limited Exam$88$4450%
D0150Comprehensive Exam$103$5150%
D0210X-Rays – Complete Set$154$7750%
D0220X-Ray – First Film$35$1751%
D0230X-Ray – Additional Film$30$1550%
D0272X-Ray – 2 Bitewings$53$2651%
D0274X-Ray – 4 Bitewings$76$3850%
D0330Panoramic X-Ray$130$6550%
D1110Cleaning – Adult$106$5350%
D1120Cleaning – Child$83$4151%
D1206Fluoride Varnish$50$2550%

For a complete summary of your discounts please click here.

* Average Prices based on the 80th percentile of the 2016 National Dental Advisory Service Comprehensive Fee Report, a nationwide dental marketplace analysis widely used in the dental industry as a reference.

Participating Dental Providers have agreed to discount their usual and customary fees for services not listed on the summary of discount fees above, provided those ADA codes/services are offered in office. “Usual” refers to the normal rate charged for the service by the Provider rendering the treatment, and “Customary” is defined as the usual rates of the Provider’s competitors in that local area. The UCR fee can vary by location.

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