CBCT Scan / 3D Imagine

dental 3d scanner

CBCT Scan / 3D Imagine (Dental Cone Beam CT Scan)

Dental imaging is an essential part of your oral health care. 3D imaging has been performed since 1931, but only in a rudimentary form. With the advance of radiological science and the advent of computers, a new method was devised. Computed Tomography was introduced in the 1970s and heralded the beginning of true 3D imaging. From that point, 3D imaging techniques have continued to advance, with one of the most recent being CBCT, or Cone Beam Computed Tomography.

Advanced CBCT Imaging Technology At Taylor Made Smiles

The imaging machines used at our clinic provide 2D and 3D images of unparalleled clarity. Through the use of these machines, Dr. Burton is able to identify developing oral health concerns and track known ones. These machines provide significant benefits in terms of visibility but also make the process safer for our patients. X-ray technology has used minimal and generally harmless levels of radiation for decades. The CBCT machine uses an even smaller amount, meaning even less risk from the procedure. Another benefit is the ability to view soft tissue structures that were either difficult or virtually impossible to identify with previous methods. 

Other benefits of CBCT imaging include:

  • Ability to analyze risks of sleep apnea through examining the airway
  • Observe subtle changes in facial growth to identify potential asymmetry.
  • Identification of abnormalities such as third molars, supernumerary teeth, etc.
  • Identify root foreshortening from angles not previously available with x-rays
  • Determine the limitations of surgical and orthodontic movements.
  • Identifying problems in the jaw or roots of the teeth may call for a root canal
  • Thoroughly monitor the growth and development of young patients oral structures
  • Clear observation of oral structures such as the temporomandibular joint

Another important outcome of receiving a CBCT is that the process results in a digital image. This image is able to be easily transmitted to other specialists, as well as be viewed in a more dynamic way. The ability to rotate the image means that it’s possible to view your oral structures from any angle. This allows our team to do a more comprehensive analysis of any concerns. It also means that concerns that may have been previously difficult to detect are more easily identified. All of these factors contribute to a more effective dental exam. With the imaging that results, our team can make comprehensive identification of any existing problems.  

Dental Care With Advanced Technology At Taylor Made Smiles

When you’re prepared to experience the benefits of modern dental technology, call us in Franklin, TN. We’ll work with you to arrange a visit at a time that is convenient for you. During your visit, we’ll go over the technology that will be used in your care and the benefits they provide. We’re dedicated to providing an exceptional experience at Taylor Made Smiles, and using modern imaging is just one part of that. If you want to learn more about CBCT or to arrange your next visit to our offices, reach out to us today. We always anticipate working with members of our patient family, existing and new alike.


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