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Sometimes, the way we envision our smiles can be difficult, especially for new patients concerned about their treatments. As a way to ensure our patients, our team offers smile consultations and mockups to overcome these concerns and give them the time they need before receiving permanent treatment. Smile mockups work to present people with a temporary smile and help present patients with a clearer image of what our cosmetic treatments contain for them through our various treatment plans. The purpose of this treatment is to give our patients their desired outcomes before moving forward to the final treatment.

Discuss Your Cosmetic Consultation With Us

For us, giving our patients cosmetic consultations is an effective communication tool. It helps simulate the final outcomes before any decisions are made. This process can be redone as needed to give our patients the best possible solution. Most of all, it helps establish trust and gives us a better insight into our patient’s needs and move forward accordingly.

Our cosmetic consultations always begin with an examination, giving us further insight into their dental health and any dental problems that may exist. Through this examination, we look at bite alignment, tooth enamel wear, tooth alignment, and any presence of disease or trauma before we move forward to the treatment plan. Through addressing these issues first, we’re able to establish a safe, healthy foundation for our patients when it comes to their cosmetic concerns.

From there, we will also discuss any aesthetic concerns our patients may have and provide our patients with various treatment options. These treatment options can vary depending on the health and condition of our patient’s teeth and can include:

  • Implant restorations
  • Crown replacements
  • Teeth reshaping
  • Bite adjustments
  • Gum reshaping

All of these treatments are included as part of our smile makeover procedure, and through these consultations, we can provide our patients with mockups, giving them the potential final results of their treatment plan.

How We Design Your Smile Mockup

A smile mockup is a quick, temporary procedure that gives our patients the ability to visualize their smile before moving forward towards their permanent treatment. It’s a pain-free procedure that uses impression material and flowable composites that create a cast over your initial teeth. Our team will also use wax casts on study models to perfect the design of your smile. These wax casts give us the opportunity to make changes where needed. Once the wax model is completed, we fabricate the smile using composite materials and then place those materials directly over your teeth. This results in immediate changes to your smile that you can see and feel, and because these are temporary materials, we photograph the results so our patients can see for themselves what we can do.

From there, if any cosmetic changes need to be made to their smile, we will be happy to adjust. Once our patients are fully satisfied, we will move forward with the treatment plan and give them a smile they’ve always wanted. If you wish to take part in our smile mockups, schedule an appointment with us today to see the results for yourself.


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