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When you first move into a new area, it’s important to find a dentist that can serve your whole family. Here at Taylor Made Smiles, we’re proud to be the family dentistry provider for the community in and around Franklin, TN. Family dentists are those that are trained in treating patients of every age, with a focus on children and teenager. While our skillset closely mirrors that of general dentists, we have a deeper focus on childhood health concerns. By choosing Taylor Made Smiles for your dental provider, you’ll know your family is receiving great care at every age.

What’s Included In Our Family Dentistry Services

One of the primary focuses of our family dentistry services is preventative care. At every stage of life, we work to ensure that your family’s oral health is protected. The specifics of the treatments we offer vary based on the age and oral health of the patient. The following components tend to be present at every stage, however:

  • Regular Exams and Cleaning – A central component of maintaining good oral health is your bi-annual visit to the dentist. At these visits, concerns like gingivitis and tooth decay can be addressed before they become serious. In patients who are still developing, these exams also help to prevent concerns with dental development by identifying them early.
  • Sealants and Fluoride Treatment – These options are a common part of treatment in younger patients. Fluoride helps to strengthen teeth and aid in the remineralization of enamel, hardening it against decay. Sealants help to protect teeth with a thin plastic coating and are common in the young and elderly.
  • Cavity Fillings and Prevention – Cavity prevention is a strong focus of all aspects of dental care. We work hard to provide education and treatment when concerns about decay are raised. When tooth decay is already present, the tooth can often be preserved with a filling.
  • Gum Disease Treatment – When oral health concerns have reached the point where periodontal disease is present, we can help. Using standard procedures such as root planing and scaling, we can treat and reverse periodontal disease.

In addition to these services, we also offer restorative and cosmetic dental services for our patients. Patients of every age can benefit from these treatments, though different options are available depending on the stage of development. Restoration is a valuable treatment option even for those who still have their primary teeth.

See How Taylor Made Smiles Can Help Your Family

We’re always excited to welcome new patients into our patient families. If you’re looking for a new dental provider for your family, contact us for an office tour today. We’ll show you around the facility, introduce you to our staff, and tell you how we can serve your family. Before you leave, we can work with you to fill out your new patient paperwork and schedule appointments with your whole family. We’re looking forward to walking with you as you take your first steps to join the patient family at Taylor Made Smiles.


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