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While teeth cleaning is a standard part of any dental visit, hygiene therapy takes this to the next level. Performed by an oral hygienist, this treatment involves a sophisticated oral health practice. Receiving a professional cleaning is an important part of preventing periodontal disease and preventing tooth decay. When you visit Taylor Made Smiles for preventative treatments, the services you receive will go beyond a simple cleaning service.

Understanding Hygiene Therapy And How It Protects Your Health

A normal dental cleaning involves a few standard processes. It involves the in-depth removal of plaque and tartar from your dental surfaces. This cleaning is followed by polishing the teeth with a light abrasive to prevent the reformation of these bio-films. If periodontal disease is present, it may call for deep cleaning. This step extends the procedure to clean beneath the gum line, including thorough planing and scaling of the dental root.

Hygiene therapy involves one or both of these steps but then proceeds to another level. Special materials are added to the teeth as a preventative against decay utilizing antimicrobial materials. A full oral health exam is also included in hygiene therapy to help identify and treat any underlying issues. This exam will involve the use of imaging, such as dental x-rays, to get to the root of any dental concerns so they can be eliminated or treated. The full oral hygiene routine includes the following:

  • Cancer Screening: Our hygienists perform an oral cancer screening on every patient as part of their normal exam.
  • X-Rays: These specialists are also trained to administer local anesthesia and perform dental imaging. Intraoral radiographs are also among the procedures they perform.
  • Dental Impressions: If it’s determined that a night guard is needed or restoration is necessary, your hygienist may take a dental impression. This procedure is either done using a physical impression or as a digital impression.

Our hygiene therapy procedure also involves consultation by your hygienist. They’ll go over their observations during your cleaning and speak to you about their findings. They may suggest additional attention be paid to certain areas of your mouth. You may also receive recommendations for products, ways to improve your brushing and flossing, or other direction related to your oral health. The focus of our treatment process is to provide you with solutions before small problems become big ones.

Come To Taylor Made Smiles For Hygiene Therapy Treatment

When you choose Taylor Made Smiles as your home for dental treatment, you’re getting more than dental care. Dr. Burton works closely with our patients to help address a wide variety of oral health concerns. Further, they take special care to understand your oral health goals and offer options to reach them. From advanced cleaning routines to restoration and cosmetic dentistry, they’ll help you craft the smile you’ve dreamed of. Call our office today for a hygiene therapy session and meet with Dr. Burton to consult you on your next steps. You could have a clean, sparkling, perfect smile with Taylor Made Smiles.


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