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If you’ve recently lost a tooth, had a chipped or cracked implant, or had any other dental problem, then a dental implant restoration can help restore your smile and give you a replacement implant that looks and feels like your natural teeth. At Taylor Made Smiles, we will work with you through the process and help your mouth heal during treatment, and below, we’ll describe our process of dental implant restorations and how we can provide you with a beautiful smile.

How Dental Implant Restorations Work

When we perform implant restorations, we will work to provide you with a beautiful tooth replacement that will last years. Our implant restoration process goes as follows:

Implant Post: During the first step of the process, the implant post will be surgically inserted into the pocket where the previous tooth existed. If any signs of cracked, dislodged teeth are present, then our team can perform tooth extractions to remove the affected tooth and replace the space with the implant.
During this time, the implant post will need to be fully integrated into the jawbone through osseointegration, which can take several months to heal fully.

Abutment: The abutment is the screw that’s placed onto the implant post, providing support for the dental crown. This support screw helps keep the crown in place. If you have dental bridges, then the crowns used will be connected with multiple abutments and pontics. This is considered a minor procedure and is often done with local anesthesia to numb the area from potential pain.

Implant Crown: Finally, a crown will be fixed to the abutment to complete the implant. Implant crowns are the fake teeth fixture that lies above the gum line. Through this process, our team will create impressions to provide you with a custom-fitted crown. These impressions will be used to look at bite registrations to look at how the teeth align together. From there, we send your impressions off to our associated dental labs to model your new dental crown.

Why Choose Us For Dental Implants

Dental implants require healthy jawbones with enough density to support the implant posts. The implant posts help support the abutment and crown that make up the dental implant. However, Dental implants have a 99 percent success rate, making them one of the most reliable restorations dentists can provide. Dental implant failures are considered rare, and most failure rates result from traumatic injury to the affected tooth. If you experience any signs of a loose or damaged implant, we can also help restore or replace the affected implant through a variety of methods, including bone grafts, bonding materials, and extractions.

At Taylor Made Smiles, we offer multiple crown options to give you the most convenient experience. During your appointment with us, our team will work to identify any problems with your oral health, as our focus is to ensure that you receive the treatments you need to have a healthy smile. To learn more, contact our office today!


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