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Pregnancy always comes with its own set of challenges for our health; even our oral health is affected. One prominent concern we face during this time is the appearance of pregnancy gingivitis. Affecting nearly 60-70% of all pregnant women, this condition creates symptoms that closely resemble those of traditional gingivitis. The gums can become inflamed and sore and can bleed after brushing. These symptoms can lead to an increased risk of developing advanced periodontal disease. If this occurs, you are possibly at risk of more serious concerns during your pregnancy.

Pregnancy Gingivitis, And How Taylor Made Smiles Can Help

Bleeding gums are a common symptom that occurs during pregnancy. The heightened levels of progesterone, a hormone related to pregnancy, increase our response to bacteria. This increase in responsiveness can lead to gingivitis-like symptoms. Maintaining a daily practice of good oral hygiene, along with using anti-gingivitis mouthwash and toothpaste, can help. Along with these practices, our team can provide additional support to help prevent greater concerns.

Common symptoms associated with Pregnancy Gingivitis:

  • Red swollen gums
  • Bleeding while brushing
  • Nodules that form on your gums

When you schedule a dental visit at Taylor Made Smiles as part of your pregnancy plan, complications with pregnancy gingivitis can be managed. There are a number of common treatments and preventative steps you can take to help manage pregnancy gingivitis. These include:

  • Comprehensive Cleaning – Dental cleanings can be very beneficial to prevent the advancement of this condition. As plaque and gingivitis build up under the gumline, it can lead to oral health consequences.
  • Anti-Gingivitis Products – Products that target gingivitis can help prevent it from becoming a serious problem. As such, we may suggest certain mouthwashes, toothpaste, and floss products.
  • Floss Regularly – If you don’t already floss, then your pregnancy is a good time to start. That little extra bit of attention to your oral health can help offset your increased risk of gum disease.

By taking a little extra care while pregnant, you can prevent the concerns that come with advanced periodontal disease. In addition to increased risk to the mother, there are also concerns for the baby. In serious cases of periodontitis, the infection can get into the bloodstream. Studies of women who experienced advanced gum diseases during pregnancy revealed another concern. Children who are born to these women had a higher incidence of tooth decay and gum disease than in other cases.

Make Taylor Made Smiles A Partner In Oral Care While Pregnant

We encourage patients who have become pregnant to schedule an additional visit during their pregnancy. This extra bit of caution can help you avoid pregnancy-related oral health concerns. Dr. Burton and our team are familiar with the unique oral health concerns that face women during pregnancy. If you’re pregnant or planning to in the near future, call us to arrange a pregnancy dental plan. We’ll have you arrange a visit during which we can assess your current oral health, and take steps to ensure you’re ready, head to toe, for the journey ahead. We anticipate being part of your pregnancy care team!


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