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If you’ve ever undergone a deep dental cleaning, you’re familiar with the process of root planing and scaling. Previously, this process was accomplished by hand. Using special tools, the plaque and tartar that had built up would be carefully scraped away. At many clinics, this process is still commonly used to treat these concerns. At Taylor Made Smiles, we use modern ultrasound technology to clean your teeth with no scraping! This results in cleaner teeth, no risk of damage, and significantly reduced discomfort after cleaning.

The Ultrasonic Cleaning Experience At Taylor Made Smiles

At our clinic in Franklin, TN, we’ve taken steps to provide the latest services delivered using the latest technology. One method we use to accomplish this is the use of ultrasonic cleaners that can painlessly remove plaque, tartar, and calculus from your teeth. During this process, a steady stream of water flows from the device to rinse away debris and cool the ultrasonic scaler. While the tool is sound-based, you will not hear the ultrasonic waves or feel the vibrations. All you’ll experience is wonderfully clean teeth without any discomfort along the way.

Those who can most benefit from ultrasonic cleaning include those who:

  • Patients with large buildups of biofilms – These include tartar and plaque. Your toothbrush isn’t going to be sufficient to eliminate all of it once it hardens into calculus. Deep cleaning treatments like our ultrasonic cleaning are necessary to remove it.
  • Patients with periodontal disease – These patients can also benefit from ultrasonic cleaning. When plaque and tartar form beneath the gum line, serious oral health concerns can occur. The gums, dental roots, and bone tissue can all be affected. With ultrasonic cleaning, these concerns can be prevented.

When you undergo ultrasonic cleaning at Taylor Made Smiles, you’ll experience several notable benefits: 

  • Reduced Treatment Time – This equipment does more than making the cleaning process more comfortable. Ultrasonic cleaning is also more efficient. This process means less time in the chair and less time in the office, all without impacting the quality of your results.
  • Prevention – With a cleaning as effective as the one you receive with ultrasonic cleaning, many dental concerns are kept at bay. The more efficient removal of plaque and tartar means that the core cause of gingivitis and periodontitis is eliminated more thoroughly.
  • No Anesthesia – No sedation dentistry is necessary with ultrasonic cleaning, as it is discomfort-free. This means reduced treatment costs, no recovery time, and an overall great experience.

If these great benefits aren’t enough, ultrasonic cleaning makes a great companion for cosmetic treatments. The first step in a more attractive smile is the elimination of these biofilms. Once gone, your whitening treatments will be more effective than ever.

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Want to learn more about how ultrasonic cleaning can help your dental health? Reach out to our offices and schedule an appointment with Dr. Burton. They’ll do a full dental exam, explain any existing conditions, and provide options for treatment and cleaning going forward.


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